PRO BT5 is a passive DI box specially designed for playing back music from wireless mobile devices and built-in Bluetooth Ver.5.0 A2DP DUAL MODE module. The balanced output level will not be affected by the potentiometer. The output side is equipped with a TYPE-C USB terminal which requires a 5VDC power adaptor, power bank or USB port from computer to power the BT5 such as the power supply method of the general mobile device. BT-5 is excluding the TYPE-C cable and power adaptor.

The built-in Bluetooth module has BR/EDR dual-mode control function, A2DP stereo playback mode and BLE energy-saving mode. And using Qualcomm chips and DA/DSP, audio converting and sampling rate are 16bit and 44.1KHz.

The PRO BT5 has a pair of built-in UNiKA-PROTM EI9AE3R3 1.25:1 isolation transformer with special coating and surrounded by Oriental silicon steel shield which has a special copper foil layer and a dedicated ground layer, which allows this device to restore high signal/noise ratio and dynamic sound, and can avoid unnecessary Leakage caused by radio frequency interference, ground interference and potential difference.

PRO BT5 is especially suitable for mobile phones, computers and any of Bluetooth music players. It converts wireless signals into low-impedance balanced signals, which is convenient for extending the wiring distance and blocking interference.

PRO BT5 has built-in mini TRS headphone monitor output and monitor volume control, which can drive 16Ω~300Ω headphones to be allowing users to monitor the content that needs to be played in advance.

Note: Since the device does not include charging identification IC, some of power bank with QC function may not be available or may stop supplying power halfway because the IC is not detected.

On the other hand, the power bank with automatic stand by mode is not recommended.