For PRO DI, many audio engineers want to install it on the fly case, so the UNiKA development team spent nearly a year to develop PRO RA-8 for such needs.


As a fast installation case of PRO DI, we hope that customers can freely replace the required PRO DI on the rack without using any tools, because, in the 2U standard size chassis, we have designed 8 replacements Slots, and the use of hand-turned screws to fix the baffle, so that engineers can insert or replace the required PRO DI at any time. When the new RA-8 arrives, you will find that it is a loose package, and the quick installation exploded diagram is attached to the package. The user can use it just like buying furniture in IKEA. It can be used after installation.


.2U standard rack unit size
.Available to insert 8 pieces of PRO series direct box
.No need to use screw driver to insert or take out any of DI

Weight 1.82kg
Shipping weight 1.92kg
Outter packing weight 10pc/19.60kg
Shipping dimension per carton 468 x 283 x 218 mm