UNiKA NBB system support annual conference of AES Taiwan branch

TAIWAN, on the afternoon of November 24th, AES Taiwan Branch held its annual meeting in Taipei New Horizon.

The conference added two heavyweight lectures:

  • Dr. Cai Bingrong , Composer of the Audio Art.
    Subject topic~ Vinyl record technology and future development
  • Wave Yang, Lecturer of National Taiwan University of Arts.
    Subject topic~ Live Recording wireless and network audio application research

The demonstration system for this network audio application researcht is the UNiKA NBB series.

NBB-1616 and NBB-04T, NBB-04R are put under the projector; The NBB-04T and NBB-04R are set up on the left side wall, and the input cables of the mobile phone and the output cables of the earphones are preset; NBB-1616 and NBB-1616e extended box (a total of 32×32 physical channels on this side) are put opposite of the screen side; Recording and playback is performed by the MAC BOOK PRO on the rostrum with Dante Virtual Soundcard and Pro Tools.

The transmission of the entire system is based on the Dante protocol, and the sampling rate is selectable from 44.1 Hz to 96 kHz (NBB-1616/NBB-1616e are up to 192 kHz).

What’s more, all NBB-04T/NBB-04R used in this time are powered by PoE, so a network switch that can output 30W per channel is specially installed.