Dante Experiment for carrying out TV Documentary

TAIWAN Oct 21, 2018- Taiwan Indigenous Television produces a series of documentaries on the Aboriginal music of aboriginal tribe in Sandimen Pingtung.

WAVE YANG was commissioned by Taiwan Indigenous TV to carry out multi-track simultaneous pick up and recording of “Paiwan Ancinet Ballads V.S. Jazz” section.

The section was sung by the famous aboriginal singer Sang Mei Juan singing Paiwan Ancient Ballads by jazz style.

The system for performing multitrack recording is still Pro tools. The microphone pickup and A/D convert and transmit system is also integrated as the Dante base station through UNiKA’s NBB-1616 break box. The base station output to the camera system and stage monitor is NBB-04T .  Sample rate of the recording is set at 96KHz specified by the TITV .

Prior to this, Wave Yang and UNiKA’s marketing director Simon Hsu and several familiar recording engineers had several rounds of technical discussion, and found that the current indoor and outdoor performances invited the sound engineer to carry out live pickup and multitrack recording. Thanks to the advanced virtual DAW systems, multitrack recording can be freely implemented in different environments.

But before the advent of cost-effective network audio systems like Dante, sound engineers often still had to bring a bunch of devices, such as Mic pre, TBC, ADAT and a lot of analog signal cables.

But not long ago, Wave Yang found that the UNiKA NBB system, which can perform a maximum sampling rate of 192KHz, decided to “lightly install” on future out of studio recording systems.

Because a 16×16-channel Dante base station integrates Dante network transmission, AD/DA, and high-quality Mic pre, it can even extend the base station to a single-ended 32×32 channel through the NBB-1616e, or via the NBB-04T/-4R 4-channel base station to reach flexible analog-to-network wiring on the stage greatly reduces the time required for analog cables connection.

Since then, Wave Yang no longer needs to hire a truck to transport recording equipment and microphone, his car can be carried. Wiring and configuration can be completed in the shortest time, and can easily configure into the virtual DAW such as Pro tools, Nuendo, Cuebase, Logicpro for multitrack recording.

In the next experiment, Wave Yang will use the entire line of UNiKA’s Dante base station for “out of studio” multi-track recording, including 16×16 extended base station and 4 input, 4 output base stations, so stay tuned.