After 2 years of research and development, UNiKA recently released a new UNiKA-PRO audio isolation transformer.

The transformer is encapsulated in all resin, and the surface is made of laser engraved brands and models.

Its specification is 1+1 to 1+1, there are additional copper foil layers and special isolation layers on both sides of the silicon steel sheet, which is beneficial to isolate EMI and RF interference, and can minimize the ground impedance, and also help reduce the string Sound and phase shift.

The design of 1+1 to 1+1 means that one transformer can supply two channels at the same time, but when it is used in UNiKA PRO SERIES AUDIO INTERFACE, it chooses to use one transformer for each single channel to allow crosstalk and interference Reduced to the minimum, so it can provide SNR up to 145dB or more.

In the future, UNiKA-PRO audio isolation transformers will be used in large numbers in UNiKA PRO’s new products, and may even be developed as optional accessories to facilitate customers’ use of products of different brands.

Ratio 1+1 to 1+1
Source impedance 600Ω
Frequency response 20Hz~20KHz, ±0.2dB
THD > 1% at +20dB
Common mode rejection ratio <-60dB at 10KHz
Primary DC resistance 16Ω+19Ω±15%
Nominal inductance per winding 100mH @ 1KHz, 0.1V
Operation temperature range -25∘C to +70∘C
Storage temperature range -35∘C to +85∘C