Dante backs up the System of FM102.5

It has been a year since radio stations entered the generational transition. More and more radio stations have joined the streaming platform, because nowadays few people are listening to AM / FM except for cars, and after the emergence of mobile phones in Android and iOS, the radio station has also begun. Use client app to broadcast programs.

The system of Transformation Radio should be surpassed by no one in the next few years, because most of the radio stations in the past were transferred to the old and new systems in parallel, and they were updated and replaced in stages. In the design of the original system, Transformation Radio accepted the proposal of VTek Engineering designer Junan Chen, adopted a full digital + full network system, and even established two main architectures of the main system and the backup system-MADI and Dante. Both systems can perform digital streaming and FM radio broadcast simultaneously.

Transformation Radio has a total of 6 on-air stiduo, each of which has 1-2 DHD SX-2 on-air mixers. After all the anchor signals are received by SX-2, the main / backup signals are transferred to the DHD dedicated switch via optical fiber, and finally converted into AES signals to the audio streaming encoding system, and then to the streaming network or radio frequency broadcasting system. Before streaming or broadcasting, the digital system is used throughout to improve the quality and expandability of the system.

Each on-air studio is equipped with a UNiKA NBB-1616 Dante base station, which is inserted into the NBB-1616 by the analog output of the SX-2, and then aggregated to the Cisco Giga switch through the Cat-6 network cable, and through the two NBB-1616 in the broadcast room As a bus output, the signal is then imported into the audio stream encoding system for broadcasting. In addition to being a backup for the DHD system, the system can also perform side recording and instant side recording.

Junan Chen has been on-line tutoring and maintenance since the radio was launched in February 2020. For such a fully digital system, the DJ and system maintenance engineers of the radio station are like a fully automatic large radio system. It takes too much manual resetting and switching, and everything is left to the system to operate by itself.

“Especially Transformation Radio broadcasts FM and internet live streaming at the same time. In the past, analog systems or hybrid systems did require a large engineering team to maintain. ” Junan said.