UD-154 / UD-084

The UD-154/UD-084 amplifier is a high-efficient switching power amplifier with a concise and intuitivedigital control interface. The amplifier is designed to achieve its maximum output regardless of whether an8Ω or 4Ω speaker on each of its outputs. The internal of the UD-154/UD-084 amplifier is dominantlypowered by Pascal Class-D modules with integrated universal power supply with PFC. Thanks to theadoption of the cutting-edge technologies, the amplifier can maintain remarkable quietness in standby orlight load conditions.

Each channel of UD-154 amplifier is powered by a completed Pascal module with dedicated power supplyof up to 1500W; while each pair of the adjacent channels of the UD-084 amplifier share a power supply tomaintain the total output power of the pair of the adjacent channels to 1500W, or 750W per channel evenly.Even more, the amplifier comes with an unprecedented eXtraTone™ mechanism to compensate the speakerfor its intrinsic acoustic loss below its bass cutoff. Besides boosting the bass audio on cutoff frequency ofthe speakers, eXtraTone™ mirrors the audio below the cutoff frequency in a way of harmonic audio over arange of frequency above the cutoff frequency.