Optimize and Upgrade PRO Series

Beginning from 2022, UNiKA made some upgrades and changes to the PRO series DI to make the performance and appearance more in line with market aesthetics and user needs.

The first is to increase the PRO-IS2 2 in 2 out isolation transformer version. Each output has an independent ground/lift switch, and input 2 is equipped with a 2/3-pin inversion switch.

Second point, DI on all 2 channel inputs such as PRO-248, PRO-TWO, PRO-MMD. All add a nut on the TRS socket so that the device can withstand stronger pressure when the user inserts the plug.

In addition, models other than PRO-148 and PRO-248 are based on the general use of unbalanced or balanced audio signals, so the isolation transformer has been specially improved. It will be totally shielding interference from the power network and greatly optimize the THD+N and signal-to-noise ratio.

At the same time, at the side LOGO, the model of each product is added to make it easier for customers to identify when stored in the warehouse.