UNiKA Pro debuts the new Stage series which includes

SDI-1 Single Passive Direct Box
SDI-2 Dual Passive Direct Box
ISO-2 Dual Passive Isolator

The Stage range features a top-balanced isolate transformer and a cable-free circuit design with a sealed toggle switch with metal surround base.

The input and output can reach an amazing +26dBv (+28.22dBu), T.H.D. is less than 0.0005%, and the frequency response is nearly flat.

SDI-1/SDI-2 is suitable for all kinds of high-level signals and instruments connected to the mixing console. ISO-2 is suitable for signal connection between different power supply systems to ensure that the system does not cause potential difference and leakage due to ground loop then damaged equipment.

The Stage series also has a compact but sturdy body that can be easily carried or installed by musicians or system engineers.