UNiKA NBB Dante system supports Lantern Festival of Taipei 2019

The 15th of the first month is the first of the four traditional Chinese festivals in lunar calendar. On this day, there will be a Lantern Festival in the Chinese region. This year coincides with the Chinese Lunar Year of the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, Taipei City held the nine-day high-tech pig year lantern festival above the Ximen Station of the most prosperous Ximending, except for the wonderful performances of the opening ceremony on the first day. At 7 o’clock, the high-tech Lanterns on the scene are lit up for the public to enjoy.

This Lantern Festival focuses on audio technology and breaks through the transmission method of broadcasting in large areas. For the first time, the advantages of Dante network digital coding and transmission. Each remote sides is transmitted through a digital decoder signal (96 kHz) to achieve multi-point routing. Control the sound quality, and increase the convenience of adjusting the sound field in each area. The light part is matched with the main visual animation, and it is played in each fixed time. All the light effects are automatically played according to the animation film according to the program. In order to prevent the accuracy of the scene is reduced by artificial fault. Acoustic Audio Engineering Laboratory Audio Director is the executive team for the show. Staffs are including Yuanzhou Guo, Kunqing Lai, Wave Yang, Zhiqiang Gao, Jiawei Chen and Qiang Lian.

The audio, visual and lighting automation system are synchronized by SMPTE generator and controlled by Mac.

Audio system includes YAMAHA QL-5 and transmission to two UNiKA NBB-1616 and one back up Rio rack via Dante networking system and then input signal to four Z-Sound line array towers. The longest distance of Ethernet cable is 80 meters. Led system is driven by AVENUS and lighting are controlled by grandMA-2.

The first day of the artist performance and the 8 days of lanterns and sound and lighting show attracted more than 200,000 people to visit and joint.

This is the first Lantern Festival to use synchronization technology and Dante digital transmission.

It will become an important reference design for Taiwan’s future programs of the same type.