UNiKA NBB-1616 in radio studio at Taipei

Taipei – The Hakka Radio Station was established in 1994 (FM93.7, medium power). All programs are pronounced Hakka language during 24-hour, but also spoken in Minnan, and Mandarin, and provides a full commercial service.

Recently, Formosa Hakka Radio Station upgraded their signal transmission system by Dante between recording studio and control room. They purchased one pair of UNiKA NBB-1616 and placed one at studio, the other one at control room. Connect them by normal Cat-5e Ethernet cable. NBB-1616 build-in extreme performance pre-amplifier and 192KHz sample rate. Ideal for systems that require high quality transmission and large dynamic sound reproduction.

The company installing the system is VTek Engineering Ltd. In the past, when there was no such cost-effective system as Dante on the market. VTek helped the station with multi-track wiring between the studio and the control room. When Tevia Chang, VTek’s director, tested UNiKA’s NBB system in mid of 2018, he decided to replace the original multi-track transmission system for the station. Therefore, without changing other equipment, the original analog multi-track cable is replaced by two Cat-5e cables to connect two NBB-1616 networked break in/out boxes. Become to a redundant digital transmission system with 192KHz sample rate.  “Because NBB-1616 provides automatic paring function, DANTE CONTROLLER software and computer are not needed in use. Replacement of this system is very fast. With computers and Dante Virtual Soundcard and DAW software, radio stations can be upgraded directly from live studios to multi-track recording studio.” Tevia Chang describes it this way.