RHA1 becomes audiophile’s favorite

Mr. H.H.Sui is an enthusiast and dealer of Hi-End audio. From early stage to completion of RHA1 development. Mr.Sui has always provided valuable suggestions to the UNiKA R&D team and participated in many tests.

When RHA1 left the factory, Mr. Sui buys it immediately and also recommends it to some of people of the same taste.

As a young people. Mr. Sui not only distributes various Hi-End speakers and develops his own brand of audio products. He also has a collection of high-end headphones such as HD-700, HD-650, etc.

In addition, he also skillfully used UNiKA’s Dante products in Atmos and Hi-End systems.

The most special thing is that after RHA1 leaves the factory. He invited some headphone enthusiasts to test it out. The headphones tested even included Beyerdynamic’s T-1 MKIII and high-end Grado, TH919 and TH909. These audiophiles were unanimously surprised that the RHA1 using a 24V external power supply could easily drive this series of high-end, high-impedance headphones. And it restores a completely flat tone across the entire frequency bandand can even perfectly present the sound field positioning represented by all types of music.

For this reason, the secretary-general of a certain audio association purchased and vigorously promoted RHA1 in his field.