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PRO series audio interface has just released

After more than a year of long-term research and development, UNiKA from Taiwan will launch a PRO-DI series with up to 8 models and a combination of accessories in May 2021.

This series includes active DI, passive DI, passive multimedia DI, TYPE-C mobile phone and computer USB-DI, Bluetooth 5.0 DI and 1 input 3 output isolator.

The most special thing is that UNiKA specially designed a 2U height for this series. You can plug and unplug the case of 8 DI units at a time. There is no need to disassemble the DI body shell, and you can plug and unplug the PRO-DI that the user wants to use at any time without tools.

And all models this time are equipped with a large isolation transformer specially developed by UNiKA-PROTM, allowing users to use them more at ease and safe.

The most special ones are the PRO-248 dual-channel active instrument DI and the PRO-148 single-channel active instrument DI powered by phantom power. The balance output impedance is 50 ohms, the input impedance is 260Kohm at 0dB, and 50Kohm at -20dB. It is extremely transparent and grainy in the harmonic and treble performance of the instrument. It has been tested by several musicians and sound engineers. Both are deeply loved.

All models are equipped with anti-slip mats to ensure the stability of the placement and unique color features to facilitate the rental company to speed up the stocking.

The full range of products are developed by UNiKA’s R&D center and produced at the factory owned by UNiKA in Taiwan.

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Download user manual and ASIO driver