The DSP-428 is a powerful DSP audio processor with 4 analog inputs, 1 AES/EBU input (2-channel), 1 DANTE audio network input, 8 analog outputs, 10 PEQ bands per input and output and a frequency range up to 30kHz.

The front panel interface allows quick access to all control parameters by offering dedicated function buttons and the Data-Wheel.

For even faster set-ups and real-time monitoring of Input/Output routing, EQ, and Filter curves, full control by Mac or Windows PC application software via USB port and Ethernet port interface are provided.

The rugged analog input stage accepts input voltages of up to 10V RMS (+22dBu), with an excellent dynamic range of 118dB thus matching all of the professional audio sources.

With 64-bit digital processing and the high quality converters available on the market today, the DSP-428 offers sound quality which can compete with whatever your reference unit of choice is.