The DI-BT Box is a high-resolution stereo direct box designed to wirelessly pair with Bluetooth® enabled devices and seamlessly transfer the streaming audio to a pair of balanced audio outputs. This makes it ideal for connecting a laptop, cell phone or tablet to a mixing console, powered speakers or PA system.

The DI-BT Box antenna first picks up the streamed digital audio signal and converts to analog audio and feeds directly into the direct box circuit to produce Low-Z balanced left and right stereo signals. A front-panel level control is used to adjust the output volume along with the volume setting for the headphones. This is variable from a mic level output to feed a traditional mixing channel preamp input to a line level to feed the line input on a mixing console, recording system or powered speaker. The 3.5mm mini-headphone output can be used to monitor the stereo signal and test for audio prior to connecting to the PA. The XLR output isolation transformers will help to eliminate noise caused by ground loops. The signal is then balanced to drive long cables without noise.

The DI-BT Box is easy to setup and use. Once it is powered up and the ON switch is engaged, it will automatically appear as an available device on your Bluetooth enabled computer, tablet or smart phone.