The CHA1 is a classic-grade headphone amplifier carefully developed by UNiKA and manufactured in the UNiKA factory in Taiwan. The application object of CHA1 is headphone enthusiasts, audiophiles and multi-media and streaming usersorlive concert soundman.

CHA1 is suitable for general consumer headphone and earbud, as well as referencegrade and low-sensitivity high-end headphones. Impedances from 15ohm to 600ohm are easily driven and produce a very smooth and very dynamic sound. Moreover, it performs very high S/N ratio and cannot be perceived power supply and circuit characteristic noise.

From the test chart at the end of this manual, we can see that the frequency response of the CHA1 is very flat from 20Hz to 80KHz, and the full-band frequency response error value is not greater than -0.20dB in the test from low impedance to high impedance.

Especially using only 24V external power supply and classic OTL amplifier circuit design, its performance is amazing.

The components selected by CHA1 are all top-level models, and a double-connected stereo potentiometer with very low L/R output different is specially customized to ensure listening consistency.

The input jacks are a pair of NEUTRIK® Combijack. It can be available to connect XLR and TRS balanced plug or TS unbalanced plug from recording devices or Hi-Fi equipment.

The other two sets of input options are stereo RCA and mini TRS. It is convenient for users to choose RCA output signal sources such as DAC, streaming pre-amp or computer sound card. Or directly connect to CHA1 through the output of mobile phones and laptops. The headphone output terminal has standard TRS and mini TRS sockets to compatible with all types of headphones and earbuds on the market.

At the same time, UNiKA is very considerately equipped with an external power supply of adaptive Universal Input Range 90~264VACand comes with 4 kinds of AC plugs that can be interchangeable by user, including US, UK, AU and EU types.