Many thanks to customer from China for choosing UNiKA ISO-2X4 at a gig.

The ISO-2X4 of BOX Series is the extreme signal splitter with four individual isolate transformers.

It can split a pair of balance or unbalance signal to four channels with separate transformers. Each input channel built-in LIFT/EARTH switch and a 2-SPLIT/4-SPLIT modes switch.

2-SPLIT / 4-SPLIT mode selector:
2-SPLIT mode: Each input channel split into 2 separate outputs.
The input-1 audio will be split into 2 separate outputs which are the Output – 1&2.
The input-2 audio will be split into 2 separate outputs which are the Output – 3&4.
4-SPLIT mode: In mono 4 outputs splitter mode, the 2 audio inputs are summed and split into 4 separate mono outputs 1, 2, 3 & 4

Combo input jacks are available for inserting XLR, TRS or TS plugs that would be available for feeding variable signal such as wireless mic, deck, musical instrument and some of vision devices like video server.

Due to the exquisite circuit design and the quality of the transformer, the input and output level are on average up to +28dBm without any loss.

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