High dynamic live opera recording by UNiKA Dante system

The hyacinth music collection launched the Mozart opera “Magic Flute” in Zhidetang on August 26, 2018, causing a sensation, and it was difficult to obtain a ticket. On November 24th 2019, they cooperated with the Orchestra of the Music Department of the Normal University, the Choir of the Music Department of the Normal University, and the Choir of the Kaohsiung City Government, the Kaohsiung Zhongshan Presbyterian Church Choir, and the Kaohsiung Jiayin Choir to perform the most popular of Donnice. The Italian comedy opera ” L’elisir d’amore ” is directed by Professor Wang Zhan, and is directed by Zhang Baolang, the artistic director of the hyacinth collection, and plays the soul character Jiang Hulang in the play.

The opera was carried out live multitrack recording by Eagle Tseng of E.H.Studio.

Eagle still uses NUENDO with UNiKA NBB Networked / Dante system for recording total 28 channels 24bit/96KHz signals.

The whole band has 66 musicians. We can see from the photos that the orchestra is full of musicians. The remote microphone pickup is transmitted through 3 NBB-04Rs via PoE and Cat-5e network cable. The microphones near the recording engineer and the ceiling are picked up by the NBB-1616 and converted to the Dante protocol.

The entire system is connected by an 8-channel Ethernet switch with PoE power supply.

It is worth mentioning that due to the crowded venue, the electric piano is used instead of the grand piano. NBB-04R also has the advantages of high dynamics and almost no noise when receiving the high-level signal of the electric piano and converting it into the Dante protocol.

This performance will be produced by E.H.Studio in 4K high-definition video, let us look forward to the upcoming work.